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February: Month of the teeth

February is the month of the teeth again. This month you will receive a 10% discount for dental check-ups, and for all dental treatments for your dog or cat.

This is a vet I trust. This is a veterinarian at home who treats AND follows my animals with a lot of knowledge and passion. That little phone call to see how it goes is worth its weight in gold. She takes the time for the animal extensively, and can calm down even the most difficult animal. The home visit obviously reduces all stress for my animals and the flexibility of the doctor is extraordinary. Thanks !!!

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Top vet, who with her great knowledge and experience is always there for you and thinks along with great enthusiasm, thinks of everything, thinks everything out and thinks very broad, so that nothing is missed outside the narrow paths! We are very happy with her !! And also, in the current chronic situation, would not know what we would do without her!
Also a very beautiful eye for and interaction with the animals, very special! Finally, her great involvement works very well.

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This vet made time for treating my dog outside of her normal working hours. Pleasantly surprised by this!

Source: Google review