Veterinary care and vet nurse care at home in Amstelveen

Shortly we will offer veterinary care and vet nurse care at home in Amstelveen as well. Are you leaving for a business trip or do you need repeated care after a surgical surgery or vet treatment at your local vet call us.

We are happy to assist you with the basis care when you might not confident to do that yourself.

For example your dog had a orthopedic treatment and now needs to go for a walk. This requires special veterinary assistance which we can offer you after your beloved furry is back home again. We can speed up the treatment and not slow it down.

Due to the corona outbreak we are a bit limited as well but we can discuss the possibilities.

corona virus pandemie

Corona crisis and your pet

Update 07.04.2020

Due to the corona outbreak the practice we have also limited operation capacities.

Housevisites can be possible but restricted. By video call or normal call we will do the consult first then if neccessary the vet will ask what possibilities you have at your place. The vet will wear protection.

At the practice it is only possible that your animal comes in and you have to wait in front of the practice. We just turn it around no waiting dogs.

If you need food or special food with advice you can pick this up.

Also the regular deworming tablets and flea treatments can be picked up. The prices are not much different here as if you would order them online.

Wish you all the best in these weird times.