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corona virus pandemie

Corona crisis and your pet

Housevisites can be possible but restricted. The vet will ask you the by video call or normal call relevant questions. Based on the call we will make a plan either if a housevisit is possible or neccessary or you can visit us. Wish you all the best in these weird times.

kat gewone melk

Can a cat drink regular milk?

In the Netherlands we have a very nice children’s song about cat and regular milk, but it gives a distorted picture of reality. You better not give your cat regular milk. “Poesje mauw, kom eens gauw ik heb lekk’re melk voor jou. En voor mij rijstebrij o, wat heerlijk smullen wij.“ Why better not give…

tandsteen hond

February: Month of the teeth

February is the month of the teeth again. This month you will receive a 10% discount for dental check-ups, and for all dental treatments for your dog or cat.

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