Veterinarian at home

Is it not possible for you or your pet to go to a veterinary clinic, or are there other reasons? Then a vet at home is a solution.

Cira Vet Service has a mobile vet service for your vet’s home visit. Whether you live in the Mercator neighbourhood, the Pijp, or at close to the WTC, we plan a home visit with you for the moment that suits you best.

We come for:

  • vaccinations,
  • titrate,
  • postoperative care,
  • wound care,
  • blood test,
  • transport abroad,
  • euthanasia.

Of course a vet at home is always by appointment. Bear in mind that an appointment takes at least half an hour. It is also important to have as much information as possible from you before the visit, in order for us to be able to estimate what is needed to take with us for the treatment.

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